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Business Line-up

  • Research and development of biotechnology
  • Export, import and distribution of enzymes, microorganism, and fermented materials
  • Export, import and distribution of functional feed and feed additives
  • Export, import and distribution of functional food and food ingredients
  • Application development and sales of waste treatment agents using microorganisms and enzymes
  • Import and sales of cosmetic ingredients manufactured by fermentation technology
  • Application development for enzymes and microorganisms, and the consulting service


Company outline

Business name Servicetec Japan Corporation
Location Head office
1-21-62-105, Iguchi, Mitaka city, Tokyo Japan 181-0011
Tokyo branch office
1-1-5-206, Kichijyoji-kitamachi, Musashino-city, Tokyo Japan 180-0001
TEL:+81-422-20-1770 FAX:+81-3-6368-6644
Chiba branch office
2-3-31-1102, Hamacho, Funabashi-city, Chiba, Japan 273-0012
President Yasukazu Kusayama
Capital 3 Mil. Yen
Jul-03 Inauguration of business
Jun-05 Established Tokyo branch office
May-07 Established Chiba branch office


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