Functional material

On the website, functional food material products are divided into the following four categories. On each page you can see the products and product lists we picked up.

Wine making material


Food ingredients and Food additives

機能性食品素材・添加物In recent years, demand for functional foods is increasing, especially for elderly people and women and the market size is expanding.

Pinitol and Chiro-Insitol, Vitamin K2.


Feed and Pet food ingredients

飼料・ペットフード素材Aspergillus cultured feed has the ability to degrade cellulose and hemicellulose that cannot be degraded by digestive enzymes of animals, making it easier to digest and absorb feed, increasing feed efficiency, promoting weight gain, and shortening breeding days.

Aspergillus cultures feed, Bacillus subtilis-containing feed, β-glucan-containing feed.


Industrial enzyme

産業用酵素Enzymes are substances that catalyze decomposition reactions, synthesis reactions, and transfer reactions of organic substances, and they are used in a variety of applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing, feed, clothing cleaning, and textile processing.


Microbial formulation

微生物製剤Processing of scum containing a large amount of animal and vegetable fats & oils and higher fatty acids with microbial preparations that have high ability to degrade fats & oils. Disassembly can result in deodorization of grease trap in anaerobic condition and reduction of grease scrum.


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