Wine component analysis kit

ワイン成分分析キット BioSystems Y15

Wine component analysis kit
Wines from grapes harvested and produced in Japan can be labeled as “Japanese wine” and the geographical indication (GI) system has been maintained. Wine making is expanding. Production control of wine from the raw materials is important. We offer kits and analytical instruments that can analyze sugars, organic acids, nitrogenous substances, etc. by colorimetry with enzymatic reaction or chemical reaction. This analysis kit is an analysis method approved by OIV (International Grape and Wine organization).
The assay kit and instrument can be used to analyze not only wine but also other foods and beverages.


Wine & Food Component Analyzer

Y15 Random Access Automatic Analyzer

BioSystems Y15

  • 150 test/hour
  • Wavelengths: 340, 405, 420, 520, 560, 600, 620, 635, 670
  • Preprogrammed enzymatic and chemical methods,
  • validated by the R&D Department
  • User-friendly software
  • Minimal reagent consumption
  • Innovative design
  • Cooling system included (only in Y15c)


Y350 Semi-Automatic Analyzer LED Technology

BioSystems Y350

  • LED range: 280, 340, 405, 420, 505, 520, 620, 635, 670, 750
  • Preprogrammed enzymatic and chemical methods,
  • validated by the R&D Department
  • User friendly software
  • USB port for data export
  • Minimal reagent consumption
  • Can be used in fieldwork
  • Low maintenance
  • User configurable accessories: batteries, flow-cuvettes, etc.


Wine component analysis kit


  • Kits for component analysis with above-mentioned analyzers
  • D-glucose/D-fructose, malic acid, free sulfite, YAN, etc.
Sugars  Glucose/Fructose X X X X   X X X
X X X X   X X X
Organic acids D-Lactic X X X       X X
L-Lactic X X X X   X X X
L-Malic X X            
L-Ascorbic X X X X X X X X
Citric X X X X X X X X
Acetic X X X     X   X
Tartaric X X       X    
Gluconic X X   X        
Pyruvic X X            
Glutamic   X   X   X   X
D-isocitric   X            
Alcohol Etanol   X           X
Glicerol X X           X
Nitrogenous substance Ammonia X X X X X   X  
(Primary Amino Nitrogen)
X X         X  
Nitrite       X        
Nitrite/Nitrate     X X X      
Sulfite Free Sulfite X              
Total Sulfite X X            
Sulfite   X   X X X X  
Ions Iron X              
Calcium X X X     X    
Copper X         X   X
Potassium X X            
Magnesium X X            
  X X X X X    
Other Polyphenols X X            
CO2 X X            
Acetaldehyde X              
Histamine X   X X X      


Food and feed analysis kit

食品成分分析キットImmunological measurements can measure very low concentrations of a compound and is quick and efficient tool. We offer ELISA kits and immunochromatography kits that can detect various raw materials and substances in finished products. For example, bread and pasta are made from flour, which contains gluten. Therefore, this kit is used to analyze gluten that may cause wheat allergy.

Allergens Milk (Beta-Lactoglobulin)   X X X   X X
Milk (casein) X X X X   X X
Total Milk X X X X   X X
Egg White (Ovomucoid)       X   X  
Egg (Ovoalbumin) X            
Egg (Lysozyme) X   X        
Fish X       X    
Crustacean         X    
Soy     X X   X X
Cashew       X   X X
Lupin   X   X   X X
Almond     X     X X
Hazelnut   X       X X
Peanut     X     X X
Walnut     X     X X
Pistachio     X     X X
Coconut     X     X X
Mustard     X X      
Sesame     X X   X X
Gluten X   X X X X  
Mycotoxins Aflatoxin B1           X  
Aflatoxin M1     X        
Total Aflatoxin           X  
Deoxynivalenol (DON)           X  
Fumonisine B1     X     X X
Ochratoxin A X X       X X
T-2 Toxin           X  
Zearalenone     X     X  
Histamine High Sensitivity X   X X X    
Fast         X    
Rapid Test         X    



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