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    Wine component analysis kit

    Wines from grapes harvested and produced in Japan can be labeled as “Japanese wine” and the geographical indication (GI) system has been maintained. Wine making is expanding. Production control of wine from the raw materials is important. We offer kits and analytical instruments that can analyze sugars, organic acids, nitrogenous substances, etc. by colorimetry with enzymatic reaction or chemical reaction. This analysis kit is an analysis method approved by OIV (International Grape and Wine organization).
    The assay kit and instrument can be used to analyze not only wine but also other foods and beverages.

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    If there is protein in the wine, a white “haze” appears during wine storage and is subject to complaints. Therefore, at the winery, bentonite is used to adsorbs and removes proteins before bottling. However, since bentonite also absorbs and removes aromas and colors in addition to proteins, it is necessary to use the minimum necessary amount of bentonite. A test method called “heat test” has long been used to determine the minimum amount of bentonite required, but it was a time-consuming and troublesome method. This “Proteotest” makes it possible to obtain the minimum necessary amount of bentonite in a short time.



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