Bio Plus YC (Bacillus subtilis-containing feed)

Bio Plus YC (枯草菌含有飼料) 子豚

Bio Plus YC (Bacillus subtilis-containing feed)
One of the most common microorganisms in probiotic products is Bacillus spp.  Bacillus spp. is known to be normally present in the intestinal tract of healthy animals. In addition, it is a highly heat-stable microorganism, can survive when passing through the stomach and it has been found to adhere to the host GI mucosa.


The following beneficial effects are considered

  1. Change intestinal flora and reduce E. coli
  2. Synthesize lactate and lower the pH in the intestine
  3. Adhesion or colony formation in the digestive tract
  4. Formation of antibiotic-like substances
  5. Produce various enzymes in the digestive tract
  6. Reduce levels of harmful amines and ammonia in the digestive tract

Effect on animals

  1. Improve digestibility
  2. Increase body weight, improve feed efficiency
  3. Reduction of feed costs
  4. Improving the health status of piglets and sows
  5. Declining mortality rate before weaning
  6. Increase in piglet production per sow

Our Probiotic BioPlus YC is a microbial feed additive that is evenly mixed by spray drying with spores of Bacillus licheniformis (DSM5749) and Bacillus subtilis (DSM5750). It is registered in the EU as a product. (EU reg. no. E1700) for pigs, calves and chickens.


Suppression of Cl. perfringens, in vitro


BioPlus YC(B. licheniformis & B. subtilis) produces antimicrobial compound against Cl. perfringens type A, where as no effect was seen when the feed additives probiotic A and probiotic B were tested.

Animal feed additives/cultures tested:

Probiotic A  
Probiotic B  
-BioPlus® YC B. licheniformis
  B. subtilis

Growth inhibition measured in mm

Bacillus subtilis-containing feed

Time B. licheniformis B.subtilis Probiotic A Probiotic B
24h 14mm 1mm 1mm 1mm
48h 20mm 1mm 1mm 1mm
72h 22mm 1mm 1mm 1mm


BioPlus YC – Whole Cycle Commercial Farm Trial in sow diets

* Trial conducted by large Spanish integrator
* Sows fed BioPlus® YC through whole cycle
* 20.000 sows (19 farms) on trial (Topigs & Hypor)

Test period: May 2010 – October 2010 ( 6 months)
Control period: May 2009 – May 2010 (12 months)

  Control BioPlus YC Dif. Index P-value
Total born/litter 11.57 11.74 0.17 101 0.029
Still born/litter 0.92 0.84 0.08 91 0.084
Alive born/litter 10.65 10.90 0.25 102 0.001
Weaned/litter 9.61 9.99 0.38 104 0.010
Pre-weaning mortality 9.23% 7.85% 1.38% 85 0.013

Average feed consumption: 2.5 kg/day non-lactation & 5 kg/day lactation
Reproduction performance: 2.4 litter/sow/year



species dosage CFU/Spores/kg feed
Sucking piglets 0.4-1kg/t 1.28-3.20 x 1012
Piglets to 35kg 0.4-1kg/t 1.28-3.20 x 1012
Sows (two weeks before farrowing and during lactation),
Pigs for fattening
0.4kg/t 1.28 x 1012
Broiler 0.4kg/t 1.28 x 1012
layer 0.4kg/t 1.28 x 1012
Calves (up to 3 months) 0.4kg/t 1.28 x 1012
(in milk per g dry matter)


Product specification

items BioPlus YC
appearance off-white powder
B.licheniformis (DSM 5749) >1.6×109/g
B.subtilis (DSM 5450) >1.6×109/g
Salmonella sp <1 (in 25g)
Coliform <1 x 102/g
Bacillus cereus <1 x 102/g
 Yeast and Moulds <1 x 103/g
Arsenic ≤15mg/kg
Lead ≤20mg/kg
Mercury ≤0.3mg/kg
Cadmium ≤2mg/kg
Package 20 kg



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