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    Wine making material

    Wine making is an art and also an industrial technology. Wine has been produced and consumed for thousands of years around the world, but its history in Japan is short, and it is said that wine production began about 150 years ago. However, Japan has a lot of rain and humidity, and there is little temperature difference between day and night, making it a very difficult environment for wine making. Therefore, great creative effort is required to make wine in Japan. We supply the Netherlands DSM’s enzymes, dry yeast, malolactic acid bacteria, fermentation aids, Anchor dry yeasts from Pymco Pty, South Africa for wine production and test kits and analyzers from Spanish BioSystems for wine analysis.

    Enzymes for wine production

    Enzymes for wine productionWine is a delicate enjoyable drink. Even with the same varieties of grapes, the taste, aroma, roundness, mouthfeel, etc. of wines differ depending on the natural environment such as soil and climate. In fact, it also depends on the manufacturing process and processing aids.

    Processing aid for wine production

    Processing aid for wine productionEnd of the 19 Century, Pasteur pointed out the importance of controlling alcohol fermentation with a well-chosen yeast. Many wineries now make wine   by using selected yeasts rather than grape-attached yeasts. Also, selected lactic acid bacteria are used in malolactic fermentation to bring roundness and complexity to the wine.

    Wine component analysis kit

    Wine component analysis kitWines from grapes harvested and produced in Japan can be labeled as “Japanese wine” and the geographical indication (GI) system has been maintained.

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