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    Food ingredients and Food additives

    Food ingredients and Food additives

    In recent years, demand for functional foods is increasing, especially for elderly people and women and the market size is expanding.
    We work on the development of new materials to meet the expanding needs and diversification of needs. We handle food materials and food additives with evidence using microorganisms, enzymes and fermentation technology for applications to various functional food, health food and general food.

    Pickup products

    Pinitol and Chiro-InsitolPinitol and Chiro-Insitol

    Vitamin K2Vitamin K2


    Product list

    Classification Notes
    Acetobacter culture Acetobacter pasteurianus-derived product
    Aga oligosaccharide DP4, DP6 rich
    Active dry yeast For wine, distilled liquor, and bread
    Chitosan, Chitosan oligosaccharide from crab, shrimp, and squid
    Chondroitin sulfate from salmon, shark
    Collagen, Collagen peptide From pig skin, fish scale, and fish skin
    Conjugated linoleic acid From safflower oil
    Crocin, Crocetin From gardenia fruits
    Fermentation aid From yeast
    Firing calcium from shell
    Fruit powder Acerola, Blueberry, Camucamu, Lycopene,etc.
    Fucoxanthin From kelp
    GABA Fermented material from glutamic acid, rice bran extract
    Ginseng Red ginseng, fermented red ginseng, etc.
    Herbal extracts Hibiscus, Iceland Moss, Lemon balm, Saw palmetto, etc.
    Hyaluronic acid from microorganisms, cockscomb
    Kefir powder (active, inactive) fermented milk powder consisting lactic acid bacteria and yeast
    Lactic acid bacteria Malolactic fermentation, Kimchi, Probiotics
    Lactic acid bacteria fermented product Lactic acid bacteria fermented soy protein, Lactic acid bacteria fermented vegetable powder
    L-carnitine From fermentation
    L-citrulline From fermentation
    L-ornithine From fermentation
    L-theanine Flavoring, fortifier
    N-Acetylglucosamine Enzyme hydrolysates of Chitin from crab and shrimp, fermentation
    Nattokinase From Bacillus subtilis 
    Nucleic acid DNA、RNA
    Phosphatidyserine from soya
    Pinitol, Chiro-inositol Sugar alcohol from carob
    Salicornia europaea powder Mineral rich
    SOD Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory effects
    Vitamin K2 From Bacillus subtilis
    β-glucan Agrobacterium, black yeast Aureobasidium, and fungus


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