Feed and Pet food ingredients


Feed and Pet food materials
Aspergillus cultured feed has the ability to degrade cellulose and hemicellulose that cannot be degraded by digestive enzymes of animals, making it easier to digest and absorb feed, increasing feed efficiency, promoting weight gain, and shortening breeding days. In addition, functional materials for various uses such as immune function improvement and stress reduction are available for feed and pet food.


Pickup products

アスペルギルス培養飼料 子豚 ブロイラーAspergillus cultures feed

枯草菌含有飼料 子豚Bacillus subtilis-containing feed

β-グルカン含有飼料 漁業飼料β-glucan-containing feed


Product list

Classification Notes
Garlic powder & Granule Nourishment
herb mixed feed Against chicken coccidia, stress reduction
lactic acid bacterial silage
Microbial preparation  Aspergillus cultures feed, Bacillus subtilis containing feed 
mineral Zinc DL-Methionine Sulfate, yeast mineral, peptide mineral 
natural chitin fermented feed Chitin, chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide containing 
β-glucan-containing feed immune improvement



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