Endo Powerβ (Aspergillus culture feed)

Endo Powerβ (アスペルギルス培養飼料) 子豚 ブロイラー

Endo Powerβ (Aspergillus cultured feed)
Until now, many NSP ( non-starch polysaccharides) contained in wheat, soybeans, corn, etc., which are the main raw materials of feed, cannot be digested by enzymes possessed by chickens and pigs, and have not been used as nutrient sources. These sugars were excreted as feces and also cause odors.
The Endo Powerβ sold by our company contains the power of the special digestive enzymes from Aspergillusu that decomposes the previously non-utilized NSP to a usable form as a nutrient source to increase livestock productivity.
This means that the cost of feed is reduced.


Test results

Photo of villus of piglet (control x30)


L:without Endo Powerβ R:with Endo Powerβ 0.02%

The large and long villi of the small intestine of piglet in Endo Power-βGroup indicates that there is a large secretion of digestive fluid and a large absorption of nutrients.

Effect of Endo Powerβ on Weaned pigs (~4week)


Line: feed conversion g, Bar: weight gain g/d
L: without Endo Powerβ, R: with Endo Powerβ 0.02%

The ADG (Average Daily Gain) of the weanling piglet (phase III) in Endo Power-βGroup (0.02%) is 352g and in untreated Group is 335g. The FCR (Feed Conversion Rate) in Endo Power-βGroup (0.02%) is 1.62 and in untreated Group is 1.78.

Effect of Endo Powerβ on broiler(~42day)


Line: feed conversion g, Bar: weight gain g/d
L: without Endo Powerβ, R: with Endo Powerβ 0.02%

In the 42 days rearing of broiler, the weight gain is 1590g in Endo Power-βGroup (0.02%) and 1520g in the untreated Group. The FCR is 1.93 in Endo Power-βGroup and 2.04 in the untreated Group.


effective for pig and broiler feed

effective use of NSP (non-starch polysaccharides)

  • improve feed efficiency⇒shorten of shipping date⇒improvement of farm productivity
    * Plant materials contain many unused ingredients that cannot be digested and absorbed but excreted.

    • removal of nutrition inhibiter
    • degradation of indigestible components


Product information

product category: Mixed feed (Afeed) – 20 kg bag
main component: Dried Aspergillus culture composition (Aspergillus niger, Aspergillusu oryze)
raw materials: barley malt, wheat, soybean meal, Aspergillus (the above)
Feed additive: none
dosage: swine 100 – 200 g/t of feed
broiler & layer 100 – 200 g/t of feed
NSP contents SBM
91 g/kg
copra meal
250 g/kg
68 g/kg
48 g/kg



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